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Project WaterSense completed

The past four years, eight parties surveyed the use of sensor technology for water management. At the final symposium on June 28, 2012 at the experimental farm 't Kompas in Valthermond, the results were presented.

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In WaterSense a decision supporting system for water management is developed. This system provides sensor data using flat covering detailed information about the actual amount of water in the area and the expected development. The water managers can take measures at an early stage to prevent flooding or water shortages. Farmers get through this system much more insight into the growth of their crop and the moisture and are therefore targeted measures. It was not possible to develop a decision supporting system for water quality , as sensors who can measure water quality in the root zone do not exist. Project partner Dacom is now developing a nitrate sensor for the root zone and hopes to bring it to the market in 2014.

Drenthe Deputy Tanja Klip closes WaterSense project.

For more information please contact project manager M. Buitenkamp, +31 621 578 477 or the participating companies. Contact details are found in the appendix of the final report.